I have arranged courses successfully for the following companies:

  • TU Delft - groups with a diversity in nationalities and levels
  • United Nations-ICTY - in-company courses beginners and beginners II
  • KPMG - course beginners I, II and Intermediate I.
  • Kuehne + Nagel - basic course Beginners
  • msg Global Solutions - course A2-B1
  • AbMauri - in-company Beginners and Advanced
  • Brightsight - groups of employees, beginner to advanced.
  • Eneco - correspondence course for a higher intermediate student.
  • DSW - private lesson for an advanced student, improve speaking
  • Sandvik - private lessons and small groups, from beginner to advanced
  • CGI - a group with many nationalities, basic level to A2+
  • Art Centre Delft - private lesson for a Chinese employee, basic course level A1
  • Rathenau Instituut - writing course on academic level
  • Spie Controlec - beginners course from level A1 for a manager from Iran.
  • Dormer - course from level 0 to employee from Germany
  • Sjaak van der Vijver B.V. - group course for beginners, 4 nationalities.
  • Connectis - group course from level 0.
  • Taalpartners - group from level A2 for municipality Rotterdam.
  • ...and many private individuals
  • Comments by students

    'The teacher Mignon was very good.'
    "No comments! Simply great! Fantastic teacher, great people to learn together. Nice environment"
    'Mignon speaks clearly and not too fast'
    'She is an enthusiastic teacher and makes us participate actively'
    'A very good course! It's very good that we added the grammar to the lessions as well.'
    'Mignon asks good questions and organizes a good conversation. A 8.5!"